Company profile "M&M" Real Estate Agency
has started its activities in the field of realty and
real estate market evaluation since 1994.
The agency has been granted a patent
by the Cadastre State Committee of Real
Estate under the Government of the
Republic of Armenia since 1999
(realty-license number 0400,
real estate market estimation-license
number 0382).
In a short time the company took firm position
in the Armenian real estate market.
Nowadays "M&M" is one of the leading companies.
It is not just an occasion, it is the result of hard work.
The company is a member of the Associations
of the Real Estate and independent Evaluations
of Armenia.
It has a highly qualified and skilled personnel.
The gained experience and professionalism,
rich electronic database enable to realize
the following:
   a) market evaluation (by comparative,
   expenditure and income capitalization methods),
   b) intermediary operations of the real
   estate sale, purchase and lease,
   c) organization of the auctions.
  By means of special computer programs the
services necessary for citizens and organizations,
the surveys and searches for real estate
are provided by the company in a short period of time.
    "M&M" LTD collaborates with banks, investment,
credit and auditing companies, legal bodies and
with many other organizations.
  The company is pleased to work not only
with the citizens of Armenia but the
foreigners as well!

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   What Is a premises?
   Why people gain premises?

For some people real estate is a home, comfort and warmth. For others it is a premise to start or develop and enlarge their business. For some others real estate is a profitable investment and for others. It is land where one can build a house, a hotel or a business-center.

Whatever reasons you have for purchasing, selling, renting or leasing real estate, you are sure to make the right choice to visit "M&M" real estate agency.

The basis of our success is a very special attitude towards our customers.

You only need to let us know/inform us about your requirements and wishes. "M&M" will do the rest. Our experienced realtors will offer you a wide range of real estate in Armenia, in accordance with your wishes and possibilities. And qualified lawyers will take care about the legality of transactions.

Thus, if you have decided to sell, to purchase, to rent an apartment, a house or commercial and industrial premises, or lots in Armenia , Just visit us!

If you need an advice or some help, our professionals will help you.

Don't you know the real value of your property? Don't be in a rush to sell or to lease. Maybe its value is much more than you used to think. And our company will help you to estimate its real cost/value. You are offered to purchase or rent a property but you hesitate whether it is expensive or profitable for you. Don't hurry. Our professionals will estimate its real market value. Aren't you sure about the legality of transactions? Our lawyers will solve this issue.

Whatever, whenever you have decided to sell, to purchase, to lease or to rent real estate in Armenia "M&M" will gladly help you.
Write, ask: ,
Call us: (37410) 565-565, (37410) 539-801,
We are ready to reply You.

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